Malson Angus & Herefords is a family-owned and operated ranch located in a high-desert area of southwest Idaho. The Malson family has spent the past 45 years continually improving genetics and the quality of the cattle bred on the ranch and offered for sale to both purebred and commercial cattle producers.

The ranch was started by Mark and his dad, Tom Malson, on land covered with sagebrush. Through the years, the family has made many improvements and cultivated the land for use in farming, haying, and pasture.

Today, Mark, and sons, Josh and Joe, handle the daily ranch management with all family members helping when needed. As the fourth generation has grown up on the ranch, they have become more involved in working cattle, as well as helping feed, calve out, tag, doctor, and wean calves. We indeed are a family operation and are grateful to raise kids in agriculture.


The primary objective of Malson Angus & Herefords is to raise and market sound, functional cattle. Breeding decisions are based on multi-trait selection. We want the cattle to be genetically balanced, but also possess power and phenotype. We focus on performance and predictability in our cattle, while using the most current data available in the industry without compromising maternal traits and functionality. We use AI and ET technologies to utilize the industry’s highest-quality genetics that will bring more production value to our customers.

The Malson family markets fall yearling, coming two-year-olds, and spring bull calves. In addition, show heifers and donor prospects, bred heifers, spring and fall calving cows, and embryos are also sold.

Our commercial customers have been pleased with the range-ready bulls they have purchased from us. Most of them run on public lands, and our cattle are raised in a similar environment having to travel and utilize limited feed sources. Cattle are still sold by the pound, and we produce bulls that will add pounds to their calves. We are confident in our program and the genetics we offer for sale, and our cattle have excelled in other programs around the country.

There are a lot of places to buy bulls. We aren’t the biggest ranch and we won’t even say we are the best. Why not? Because “best” is subjective. We know our bulls fit many programs, but they might not fit all. What we will tell you is “Quality Comes First” here. Our bulls are good. They’re sound. They’re functional. Our cattle aren’t overly fat and are ready to work. They are developed and managed here by us on our ranch. We see them every day and know this cow herd inside and out.

Our cattle—both bulls and females—have gone into programs here in the West and across the country. They perform for our customers, so we know they can fit any environment. Cattlemen who come and look at our bulls genuinely understand the value we offer. We are honest and stand behind all our cattle. Your satisfaction is important to us. We don’t sell a bull not good enough to breed to our own cows. And the cows who leave our program are culled, not sold to other breeders. Our customers’ success is our success.

Black Angus cow and calf on green grass

We encourage you to walk through the cattle. We’ll talk about your program and what your goals are, and which bulls will fit best in your operation. Thank you for trusting us to be your seedstock provider.