For Sale

Lot 1- Malsons Cowboy Up 222E

Lot 2-Malsons First Reaction 77E

Lot 3-Malsons First Reaction 3E

Lot 16-Malsons Cash 260E

Lot 13-Malsons Hammer 219E

Lot 36-Malson Cash 171E

Lot 33-Malsons Cashed In 96E

Lot 48-Malsons Captain Jack 87E

Lot 57-Malsons Sure Deal 45E

Lot 37-Malsons Big Ten 90E

Lot 72-Malsons Redeem 112E ET

Lot 42-Malsons First Reaction 2E

Lot 79-Malsons Burgess 117E

Lot 80-Malsons Lady 116E

Lot 83-Malsons Burgess 88E

Lot 87-MalsonsPrincess 51E

Lot 86-Malsons Princess 95E

Lot 92-Malsons Savannah 8E

Lot 99-Malsons Lass 125E

Lot 101-Malsons Savannah 139E

Lot 89-Malsons Savannah 172E

Lot 73A-Malsons Miss Kitty 6F

Lot 74A-Malsons Savannah 106F

Lot 75A-Malsons Blackbird 104F

Lot 76A-Malsons Savannah 126F

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For more information, contact:
Josh at 208-739-0725
Mark at 208-739-1059
Joe at 208-550-7251
Email to request a sale book.

If you can’t make it to the ranch on sale day, you can bid online at liveauctions logo

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